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Managerial Technologies Corporation (MTC) is a management consulting / computer technology firm focused on providing creative solutions to complex business problems.   By combining diverse industry knowledge with in-depth technical expertise, the firm concentrates on producing strategies, services and products that meet business demands to do more with less.

Managerial Technologies Corporation was formed by merging Managerial Planning Systems, Inc., a consulting firm providing corporate planning, strategy development and informational technology services to major corporations since 1976, with the emerging Risk Management Internet Services organization that had been providing a library information resource on the internet since 1996.

Strategy development, business planning, quantitative analysis of business decisions, computer software development, project management, development of internet marketing strategies, internet information libraries and products are all part of what makes Managerial Technologies Corp. a unique firm.

Each of our endeavors, whether for our own business divisions or for our consulting clients, focuses on our corporate approach addressing what we consider the four critical factors of success of any business endeavor:

Knowledge - Analysis - Technology - Application.

Internet Resource Centers hub of the rmFamily of sites - formerly
Risk Management Internet Services - Resource Library:
The Resource Library, or rmLibrary for short, meets the needs of professionals in the fields of risk management, human resources, occupational and environmental medicine, insurance, environmental, health and safety.  More than just a basic administration and reference tool, the service promotes continuing education, training and research, facilitates new ideas and innovation, and provides opportunities for communication and collaboration to the benefit of the user and their organization.   The rmLibrary is marketed through on-line registration over the internet, through corporation and group subscriptions and through marketing partner programs.

rmFamily of Sites & Services:
The rmFamily of sites is dedicated to bringing internet technology to the risk management community. Instead of just talking the philosophy of Enterprise Risk Management, the rmFamily of sites delivers the basis and means to make it a reality. Our approach to the roll out of these sites is to utilize beta testing with select clients prior to opening them to public access.

Managerial Technologies Corp Libraries Descriptions rmLibrary - resource library Managerial Technologies Corp Home Page
The library research staff of Managerial Technologies Corp is a leader in finding, evaluating and maintaining internet resources and tools.

The MTC Internet Libraries and their associated directories focus on relevant content that answers questions and solves problems.

Behind the scenes, MTC addresses corporate information technology and communication problems by developing internet based tools and databases with a managerial perspective.

The success of rmLibrary led us to expand our internet resource and tools expertise to other industries. The Business Library, The Healthcare Library, The HR Library, The Safety Library , and The Transportation Library all address the basic informational needs of their respective communities.

Each library delivers on our MTC Library motto:

We search the net, so that you don't have to!

Our approach to the roll out of these sites is to utilize beta testing with select clients prior to opening them to public access.

Diverse Applications

MTC takes on a wide range of assignments. Most of our assignments relate to internal corporate strategies and corporate infrastructure. But ocassionally we do work on assigments that we can provide as examples of our work.

Each assignment contains elements of information dissemination, data gathering and reporting and on-line administration and maintenance by non-technical personnel. was funded as a joint project by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), U.S. Department of Transportation, and the Association for Commuter Transportation (ACT).

The website provides an open service to employers, commuters, and Commuter Choice service providers throughout the United States.

CommuterChoice.comís mission is to help employers connect with service providers in their local areas, who can help implement relevant Commuter Choice programs at their worksites.

The site is currently maintained by ACT, with ocassional assistance from the MTC staff.
The International Fan Club Organization (IFCO), a regulatory body with an international scope, is widely regarded as the foremost authority on setting-up and operating fan clubs in the country music industry.

Founded in 1967 by Loudilla, Loretta and Kay Johnson, they have since established IFCO as a respected force in the entertainment industry, a clearing house for fan clubs, and consumer watchdog for the fans.

The IFCO Annual Country Music get together, initiated in 1968, was the beginnings of what Nashville's Annual Fan Fair is today.

The IFCO site houses 300 fan clubs including such country music legends as Charlie Daniels, Roy Clark, the Ballamy Brothers, B.J Thomas, the Oak Ridge Boys, and Tammy Wynette, as well a host of current stars including Clint Black, Kenny Chesney, Rebecca Lynn Howard, Eric Heatherly, Joe Dee Messina, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill.

The site operates an information clearing house on country music's current events and a bulletin board for country music fans.

The site is operated by the three Johnson sisters, with the ocassional assitance of the MTC staff.

Internet Applications

Applications include the use of internet technology to capture information directly into databases where:

  • reports are created and e-mailed to recipients. Examples:  first notice of loss information, performance audit management (i.e., premises inspections, program audits, etc.)
  • online interactive quizzes and continuing education unit management
  • customer feedback reporting
  • on-line corporate manuals
  • customer service sites
The mtTools and rmTools sites are extensions of these customized applications.

Consulting Services

The firm's consultants call upon their mix of technical and business knowledge to assist our clients who are interested in applying technology to areas of strategic planning, operations planning, marketing, and both internal and customer focused communication and collaboration systems.

Providing project definition, strategy development, design and development, and project management services ... all delivered from a true managerial perspective, is how we got our name!

Managerial Technologies Corporation
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